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Survey Report 2020

Challenges in Cloud Transformation

In January 2020, Logicworks surveyed 400 IT decision makers in North America to better understand why cloud projects slow down or stall.

Key Findings:
  • 86% of IT leaders think a shortage of cloud talent will slow down cloud projects in 2020
  • 76% underestimate the time and cost of cloud management
  • 84% wish their company's leadership better understood the cloud

What's Inside?

Skills gap stalls cloud projects

86% of IT leaders say a shortage of qualified talent will stall cloud projects in 2020, and 63% say it's harder to find a qualified engineer than it is to find Bigfoot. 

Internal disconnect

IT operations believes leadership doesn't understand the complexity of the cloud. More than 4 in 5 (84%) wish their company's leadership better understood what they do. 

Turnover is hurting growth

77% agree that losing IT staff is moderately or extremely disruptive to their company's cloud operations, and 34% agree that high staff turnover impedes their cloud strategy. 

Investing in tools > strategy

Despite identifying lack of executive buy-in as a key painpoint, far more respondents will invest in cloud tools (61%) instead of prioritizing executive buy-in (39%) in 2020. 

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