Automation with the Latest Infrastructure-as-Code Tools

Learn how tools like AWS CloudFormation and Service Catalog can reduce time to deployment, reduce the risk of human error, and increases governance without slowing your engineers down.

Our Certified AWS Solutions Architect, Curtis Johnson, will talk about why you need IaC and how to implement it on AWS.

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Learn how to automate self-service catalogs on AWS.

Controlled, standardized build process
Controlled, standardized update process
rocket ship
Business units can launch their own pre-approved templates
Less human intervention in the environment
Consistency across accounts/environments

Meet the Presenter


Curtis Johnson | Cloud Solutions Architect
Curtis Johnson is a Cloud Solutions Architect with Logicworks. Curtis loves working with people to transform their businesses & teams with cloud technologies. Whether a client is moving to the cloud for the first time or a cloud veteran wants to discuss the latest and greatest services, he loves grabbing a dry erase marker and discussing architecture, migration strategies, cloud security & operations and cost optimization. Having worked across the industry from colocation centers to hosted private cloud to managed public cloud Curtis understands the cloud journey isn’t always a linear progression and involves many tradeoffs. He is equally comfortable talking about workload performance and administrative overhead with engineering staff, compliance requirements with the CISO, and licensing & cost models with the CFO.

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