Cost Efficiency & Agility on AWS

Controlling AWS costs can be challenging  especially when you have multiple teams and multiple projects. How do large organizations not only implement cost efficiency on Day 1, but on Day 500 and beyond?  

In this webinar, you will learn the value of automating AWS to improve cost efficiency and how to improve the feedback loop between business and IT. Also, discover key AWS technologies, like Spot and Reserved Instances, that reduce bottom-line costs.

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Learn how to be more efficient and agile on the AWS cloud.

Prevent future unexpected costs with automation alerts
Organize and tag resources to clarify ROI
Cut current AWS costs and identify wasted resources
Implement scaling, function-based programming to reduce spend
Communicate more effectively with finance teams

Meet the Presenter


Ryan Freilino | Certified AWS Solutions Architect
Ryan focuses on creating value through cloud adoption and optimization, specializing in solutions architecture, ROI analysis, DevOps, CI/CD implementation, compliance and security, and infrastructure as code on AWS. He identifies solutions to increase business agility and innovation, reduce technical risk, and minimize operational costs. He holds the AWS Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator, and DevOps Certifications. 

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