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Introducing Logicworks Data Loss Prevention, a tool that detects the accidental or malicious exposure of sensitive PII, PCI, and PHI data. 



Detect Sensitive Data

Automatically detect and classify sensitive data with machine learning on Amazon S3


Build Custom Alerts

Build custom alerts for anomalies in access patterns, user authentications

Automatically Respond to Threats

Simple, one-step setup for full-managed service that combines latest AWS tools


How does Data Loss Prevention work?
DLP combines AWS native technologies, including Amazon Macie, Amazon CloudTrail, and AWS Lambda, to identify sensitive data and proactively improve security. When issues are identified, access is blocked, an alert is triggered, and compromised data is quarantined.

Why should I consider Data Loss Prevention for my organization?
DLP protects you from one of the most common forms of data loss and automatically configure security settings. It helps your make simple business decisions, such as "I want to block public access to Amazon S3 objects containing PHI (public health information)." It also helps you identify the most critical S3 buckets and only turn on Amazon Macie on those particular buckets, saving significant Macie costs in the process. 

How can I get Data Loss Prevention for my organization?
DLP is available to customers that purchase AWS resources through Logicworks or have 24x7 support from Logicworks. To learn more, contact us at (212) 625-5454.

Introducing Data Loss Prevention

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