Guide to Migrating SaaS Applications 
A Low-Risk, Lift-and-Shift Approach

If you're migrating a SaaS application to the public cloud, changing from a single-tenant to multi-tenant model isn't always a viable option. How can you migrate SaaS applications without refactoring — and still get the benefits of the cloud?

In this technical guide, we’ll discuss:

- Strategies for migration that involve limited changes to your existing SaaS applications
- Benefits and trade-offs of each architectural choice
- The path forward after migration to modernize your SaaS solution

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Cloud-Based SaaS

Overview of cloud-based SaaS Business Models

Migration Advice

Get advice on architecture best practices

SaaS Architecture Costs

Learn the cost implications of different architectural choices

Cloud Services and Tools

Detailed list of services and tools used in each architecture

SaaS Networking Solutions

Common networking challenges and solutions

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